“For the first time, we saw our son doing maths problems on his own,. He is in 10th standard, and had not been sure of passing. But after coming to these (BILVAA)remedial maths classes, he has started reading the books, science and maths, on his own, as well as sitting down and working the problems without any major motivational push from us as parents. He has cleared his exams and is continuing these classes to get a real lasting improvement in his own capabilities”…mother of a 10 th standard student.

““As an adult trying to learn English under guidance from (your English language coach), after having done schooling in the open schooling system, I reached a stage where I actually and truly felt that I had understood a passage after I read it. Most of the earlier studies I did were with some methods like identifying keywords to get the right answers from the passages, which now I realize is not really learning it internally. I feel this‘new’ learning thatI have is really an eye‐opener for me” ‐ An adult, 25year‐old lady who came for language empowerment coaching.

“My daughter’s improvement is seen in both ways – formal assessments at school, as well as the confidence and interactions” parent of primary school parent.

“We are sure that your knowledge and experience in this field will help us to update and structure our MBA program so as to effectively cater to the industry requirements.” Registrar of Kanchi University, communication in 1998

“The students of 9th standard, thoroughly enjoyed it, and their awareness of a lot a areas improved” about MINDWARE–lite for school students for their school, conducted in 2013, from a senior faculty at a leading Chennai school.

“He has the distinction of being the first and only (so far) B Tech student inventor and patent holder from IIT Madras in more than 50 years, for his invention in 1982, to add to his credentials as a creativity and innovation guru” .. introduction for the NEN Entrepreneurship awareness week, invited lecture, in Feb 2013, at Sri Ramachandra Medical College.

“He is a pioneer in research of the creative process of music using computers and is a scholar on the scientific and mathematical aspects of music” introduction by Doordarshan, Indian Television, for a national level program, in 2008.

“The lecture imparted by you has left a deep impression on the trainees towards their overall personal development”, appreciation letter from a Government department after their half-day people-development workshop conducted for the engineering trainees, at Jam Nagar, Gujarat, India, Sep 2012.

“The motivation and enthusiasm you brought in among the students cannot be measured in simple words”, Swami Athmaghanananda, Head, Sri Ramakrishna Vidyapith, of the Ramakrishna Mutt, for the lecture series as part of the personality development for Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda College Students.

About MINDWARE corporate level workshop “ The session was a fine experience and enlightening” Jawahar, of ZIFO Technologies, an IT start-up company in Chennai

About MINDWARE “ The session was useful to our employees who attended it, and helped them in their effectiveness“…. Executive Director of a Global Software Testing Services company based in Chennai.

“The MINDWARE session was an eye-opener on aspects of our own self, and one of the techniques given was a real relaxing experience which I thoroughly enjoyed. I hope to continue putting in practice some of these concepts, ideas and practices.” Arvind Srivats, IIT alumnus and entrepreneur-cum-angel investor.

“MINDWARE workshop, which I had a chance to attend as a member of the IIT alumni club, was a very good experience” a senior manager with the Chennai telephones, and IIT alumnus

“MINDWARE is very useful to me, and I guess it should be for most people who are in typical IT executive lifestyle, with late-night conference calls, repeated issues of deadlines, and bugs, etc, for getting in touch with themselves, and their core self”, M. Diwakar, Senior IT professional from Silicon Valley, and former head of a US company for India operations.

“His (B Tech) thesis is filled with evidence to prove his programming skills……..”… Prof R. Nagarajan, Prof, Computer Science Department, Computer Centre, IIT Madras, certificate given in 1983.

“Mr K. Bhaskaran has worked with us………..I found him to be extremely hard working, intelligent, sincere,…….. a good team member. ………I consider his departure a loss to Infosys” certificate given by N. R. NarayanaMurthy, the doyen of Indian IT industry.