BILVAA Learning Methodology - an approach


Building upon the experiences of teaching IT Skills for professionals, management for business school students, music for children and adults, as well as teaching language (primarily english) and science to school students, some of whom are execeptional, and some others considered slow learners, we have developed our own methodology, which has been well received by both parents and students, and in some cases the beneficiary schools.

The methodology is centred on the principle that for learning to happen in a student, he/she must be attentive and present in mind, which we find does not happen in the case of some of these students in a regular school. We thus attach a lot of importance to bringing the student into the present completely, and currently working on perfecting this methodology for early stage education. We are extending this to learning of other subjects, as well as extending this to adult-learning. A technology –assisted learning methodology is also under development. The products would be useful for early stage learning and will be licensed to schools, for their exclusive use.

This learning (of the methodology) is more of an experiential learning rather than an academic learning, and hence we would adopte an internship approach to teaching this methodology. We welcome enquiries on training the trainer.

What they say :
“For the first time, we saw our son doing maths problems on his own,. He is in 10th standard, and had not been sure of passing. But after coming to these (BILVAA) remedial maths classes, he has started reading the books, science and maths, on his own, as well as sitting down and working the problems without any major motivational push from us as parents. He has cleared his exams and is continuing these classes to get a real lasting improvement in his own capabilities”… mother of a 10 th standard student.

“As an adult trying to learn English under guidance from (your English language coach), after having done schooling in the open schooling system, I reached a stage where I actually and truly felt that I had understood a passage after I read it. Most of the earlier studies I did were with some methods like identifying keywords to get the right answers from the passages, which now I realize is not really learning it internally. I feel this ‘new’ learning that I have is really an eye-opener for me” - An adult, 25year-old lady who came for language empowerment coaching.

“My daughter’s improvement is seen in both ways – formal assessments at school, as well as the confidence and interactions” parent of primary school parent.