english Language

We conduct English-language skills program for school children, as a supplement to the academic learning. What started as a remedial one-on-one teaching for a few slow-learners has evolved into a full-fledged program which has been running successfully for quite some time and has benefitted several children.

There are also programs for adults in language-empowerment, as well as offerings like ‘English skills for IT sector employees’.

For Tamil-speaking people as their native tongue, our language empowerment workshops are highly accelerated in a bilingual mode, provided the group is homogeneous.

Some of the courses are organized with certification, while other sessions are also provided on a customized basis, some of them one-on-one, -since the practical confidence that a person gets and the progress that he can make in his professional and personal life, is the best certificate. We also have customized programs for corporates and other organizations. We welcome enquiries.

We also do early stage educational support for academics, focusing on real competency development at early stage, in areas other than language skills.

english Language