Music for LEARNING

Learning methods and processes for developing competencies in humans are most effective as a ‘holistic’ process, involving mind and body, and more specifically involving both mechanisms of the mind, the left or logical processes and the right-processes.

There are studies which have shown that music aids learning and helps in building pathways in the brain for learning things and subjects which are even totally unconnected with music, for example mathematical problem-solving. More than these studies, we have observed in practice, that listening and practicing music helps to develop overall competencies and balance in life, especially at school and college levels, and does have a lasting impact on an individual’s overall creativity in life, whatever be his or her profession...

K. Bhaskaran, the originator of this methodology, is a also a top-class performing musician on flute, in addition to his academic qualifications and experience in technology and management. He has done pioneering studies on music, mind and creativity modeling, which have hit the headlines decades back. These offerings are the advanced stages of the ideas sown at that time, fertilized with the several person-years of experience in training and competency development programs, in industry and also in academic environments, combined with insights from teaching music. This experience has resulted in the combination of right-brain skills and left-brain skills to evolve a methodology that will be very useful for the education sector. Further studies and workshops which our associates have been involved with also has helped to integrate several more of typically ancient traditional mind-body practices (like yoga, breathe-exercises) into this methodology.

We welcome enquiries from schools, corporates and individuals, on our standard and customized programs in this area.

This service is independent of the music-teaching methodology and process that BILVAA MUSIC gives as a regular Indian-classical music training program, both in direct and e-learning modes.

Music for LEARNING