Mindware workshops

The MINDWARE workshop was launched in April 2010 at the CSI (Computer Society of India) educational directorate, for a batch of about 20 professionals largely from the IT sector, and has evolved from then to spread the awareness among more and more sections of professionals and corporate executives.

This unique development workshop also uses music with a scientific basis for reaching out to the core of the potential at an individual level.

The crux of the program is in awareness-building at the individual level, leading to creativity, productivity, effectiveness and a heightened sense of balance in one’s professional and personal life.

Supplementary take-aways include a stress-reduction music audio CD, and at least one breathe-based relaxation practice.

This has also been offered to students at schools levels as MINDWARE LITE. The related workshops for practicing teachers at both school and college level is ‘MINDWARE for EDUCATION’

Normally conducted for a 25 to 30-people group , as a one-day program.